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Most of us, at least one time in our lives, need special dental care beyond the regular cleaning visits. We offer the following services using state-of-the-art technology and lots of tender, loving care.

Unless a specialist is required, we can effectively treat root canals in our offices at a fraction of the cost of a surgical specialist.

Discolored teeth due to aging, smoking, genetics or medication can be brightened as a result of our tooth whitening system.

In many cases, we can offer you comfort on fillings without anesthetic; however, if you don't like the sound of a high-speed drill, this is an option you should consider. You have the option of traditional silver or the newer, white composite fillings that can match the color of your natural teeth.

Advanced gold techniques have eliminated the gray margins associated with front crowns and bridges. Gold, porcelain and stainless steel are all available depending on your needs and budget.

With our in-house lab, we can customize the fit of dentures or partials, giving you a smile you'll be proud to show. Depending on your needs and budget, we offer dentures ranging from economy to high-grade Alpha Plus.

We do all types of extractions, including wisdom teeth. Our goal is to make this procedure the least traumatic extraction experience you've had.

Of course, many of the above procedures can be avoided by regular dental examinations and cleanings.

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