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Below you'll find some industry links to our partners in dentistry. If there is a particular site you don't see here and would like us to include, you're welcome to submit the URL to us by clicking .

American Dental Association American Dental Association

American Dental Hygenists' Association
Amercian Dental Hygenists' Association

Missouri Dental Association
Missouri Dental Association


Dr. Glen Blancard's Virtual Office

Official Colgate Homepage

National Institute for Dental Research

Whiter Teeth

Vitamin Research Products

Life Extension Foundation

James River Dental Center

4205 S. Glenstone
Springfield, MO 65804

(417) 882-1711
(800) 513-9713

Northside Dental Clinic

2733 W. Kearney
Springfield, MO 65803

(417) 862-2468
(800) 596-6782

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