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Summer is a time of vacations and relaxation. You may have a family trip planned for this summer, or summer recreation activities for the kids. Your or your child may be involved in a summer sports league, or everyone may be spending more time outdoors or at the playground. Whatever you have planned, make sure that taking care of your teeth is a part of them.

Dental damage can be found in a number of places. One of those places, believe it or not, is the swimming pool. Make sure that you and your kids follow pool safety rules about jumping, diving or running in the pool area to minimize the chance of an accident. Chlorine is necessary for keeping pools sanitary but it can also damage your tooth enamel and darken your teeth. If you own your own pool, be sure to check the level of chemicals in the water, and if you visit a community pool, don’t be afraid to ask questions about the sanitizing procedures.

Soft drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks can contain sugar an acids that can contribute tooth decay. Sports drinks should be reserved for after recreating or working in the yard. Soft drinks should be enjoyed in moderation, and energy drinks should be avoided altogether. The best drink for your body and your teeth really is water. Fruit juice can contain vitamins and minerals your body needs, but be sure to follow your juice with a glass of water. Ice cream and popsicles are a fun summer treat, but you should limit them. And of course, no matter how hectic your summer gets, make sure that everyone in your house brushes twice a day and flosses once a day.

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